Worthy Coin

An office. An assistant. Stack of files before him. He is busy working on it. Slowly lifts up his head and draws in a long sigh. Bites his lips. Plays with his pen. Looks around, empty office. Looks at his watch. 6:30 PM.

Throws the pen on the file that is opened before him. Close the file. Buries his face in his hands. Sighs again.

An ATM machine. The assistant. He takes out his purse, his ATM card and inserts it into the machine. Beep… beep, insufficient fund. Takes the card. Walks out, disappointed.
A home. Empty pots, empty refrigerator. The assistant. He takes a glass, pours a cup of water. Gulp, gulp.

A sofa. The assistant. Tears rolling down his cheeks.

A stupa. A beggar. A mani. The assistant. The beggar smiles while he spins the mani. ‘Something for the poor, sir.’ The assistant takes out his purse. Empty. Embarrassed, checks his pockets… jacket, pants. A coin. Reluctantly, lays it into the crumbled plate in front of the beggar.

‘Thank you.’